Narcissus Magazine The Last Boys Barry Marre
Photo © Barry Marré

The Last Boys is Dutch photographer Barry Marré’s first photo book. This young photographer has a sense for dreamy and sensual shots. This book is an adventurous of young photography with a modern, juvenile touch, using real light.

Behind the camera Marré seems to reveal parts of his daylight dreams full of vulnerable strong emotions, extraordinary affairs and romance. Sometimes his work is sexual. His models look fragile yet strong and expressive at the same time. Marré’s photographs have been exhibited (Grand Palais, Paris november 2012) and published on blogs and in art and fashion magazines such as Issues, Winq, Coitus, Vogue Italia, Character and Men Addicted.

“I portray people as who they are. In my dream. Comfort is my key. Often I’m able to show an inner part that hasn’t been exposed before.”

Narcissus Magazine The Last Boys Barry Marre 1
Photos © Barry Marré

The Last Boys / Published by Bruno Gmünder / 128 pages / Full color / Hardcover with dust jacket / 8 ½ x 11 ¼” (21,5 x 28,5 cm) / € 39,99 – US$ 59.99 – £ 39.99 /

By Eric Lanuit