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Photo © Benjamin Guillonneau

We’re happy to present you My Boys, a book by French photographer Benjamin Guillonneau actually available on Kickstarter. My Boys, 20 Strangers and Lovers, Vol. 1. Paris, is a photography book of artistic and erotic nudes, made up of 20 men’s portraits, offering an intimate and priviliged exposure. Each boy is revealed through a 16 pages series, associating portraits, anatomical details and suggestive poses. Chosen because of an encounter or a crush, there is no necessity of showing perfect bodies, but faces and looks which are inspiring. It is about studying the human body in its beauty and its small defects which make each one’s personality.

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Photo © Benjamin Guillonneau

My Boys is organized like a first names directory. To each model’s first name is associated a text, written as an erotic narratives, mixing intimate confessions and one-night stands. Inspired by images, etymology, or great men of this world, Benjamin Guillonneau and writer Florian Bardou raise a fictionalized portrait of each man and present, between glorified reality and poetic fiction, their generic personality. With My Boy, you won’t see these first names, your first name, in the same way anymore.

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Photo © Benjamin Guillonneau

Benjamin Guillonneau is art director and works in advertising, fashion and photo for more than 12 years. Managing Director of Raise for six years, photography, contemporary art and trends magazine, he collaborated with various photographers. Naturally and in a self-educated manner, he begins photo to put in images his own ideas. This book represents its first constructed, thoughtful and organized work as photographer. He choses a really vital theme for him, as much as drink, eat or sleep: the boys.

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Photo © Benjamin Guillonneau

In this very personal project, he is joined by Florian Bardou for the texts-writing. He brings a new look, an outside look but more than anything a neutral look. The author doesn’t know “the boys” or their lives, he offers his own interpretation of images and names, without knowing what really connects every model to the photographer. Florian is a young independent web and print journalist, and especially passionate by social movements, environment, Americas, current music, but also attractive boys.

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Photo © Benjamin Guillonneau

My Boys / Photographed by Benjamin Guillonneau / Written by Florian Bardou / 320 pages / 55€

My Boys

By Eric Lanuit