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We are delighted to present you a new release from MASCULAR Films, MOSS, a short film featuring Ian and James, and written and directed by Vincent Keith.

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Vincent Keith returned to Epping Forest, one of his favourite photography locations, this time with husbands Ian and James. The focus of the project was to capture the intimacy and energy between these two beautiful men and life partners. Ian and James also brought their dogs for a nice explore in the woods. While the conditions were somewhat challenging with the changeable weather and the cold, the dappled light through the leaves in the stunning mature forest coupled with the moss covered glades made for a stunning setting.

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This film’s erotic content is a natural expression of the passion shared between the two men, and the somewhat unusual experience of being naked in a park where ramblers might come upon us at any time. Ian said that he was surprised by how exhilarating an experience it was. Fundamentally, the situation and production may have been contrived, the emotions and reactions were totally natural. For that reason, Vincent Keith choses to keep them in.

By Eric Lanuit