Narcissus Magazine Men Addicted 01

Men Addicted 03 is out ! This third issue of the stylish international gay art magazine focused entirely on black and white photography and art features twelve talented artists who have given the best of their artworks for your pleasure only.

Narcissus Magazine Men Addicted 02
Photo © Kiko Dionisio / Photo © Darren Ankenbauer / Drawing © Francisco Hurtz / Photo © Eddie Christie

German photographer Kiko Dionisio – with Duny de La Cruz, the very sexy co-founder and designer of Bang Clothes –, San Francisco based photographer Darren Ankenbauer, Brazilian artist, anarchist, human right activist and poet Francisco Hurtz, American photographer Eddie Christie, French artist and author Bruno S., French photographer Yann Dante, French Artist Olivier Auguste, American photographer, artist, porn-star and escort Rogan Richards, Bolivian artist Edwin Alvarez, French photographer Eric Lanuit, English author Michael Brennan, and French photographer Patrick Gerbier. Photographers and artists’s interviews are made by Antony Hickling and Michael Ampersant.

Narcissus Magazine Men Addicted 03
Photo © Eddie Christie / Drawing © Bruno S / Photo © Yann Dante / Photo © Rogan Richards
Narcissus Magazine Men Addicted 04
Drawing © Olivier Auguste / Photo © Patrick Gerbier / Photo © Eric Lanuit / Drawing © Edwin Alvarez

Men Addicted 03 / Published by Art+Gay Publications / Full black and white / 174 pages / Hard copy 28€

By Eric Lanuit