Narcissus Magazine Luca Mainini for Bjorn Borg
Collage © Luca Mainini


Body limbs, nail polish bottles, lipsticks and flowers are dissected from fashion magazines to form a new whole, twisted artworks. This is the trademark of Italian collage artist Luca Mainini, whose art has been described as ”pop culture on acid”. In March, he releases his first clothing collaboration, a limited edition collection of men’s underwear for Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg.

Mainini’s unique approach to the ancient genre of collages makes him one of the most interesting artists in Europe today. It has led him to collaborations with some of the world’s biggest fashion houses and icons, such as Givenchy, Moschino and Anna Dello Russo. Luca Mainini was born, and still resides in Novara, a town near Milan, Italy. He is 31 years old, a self-taught artist and the only child in a creative family. Mainini has worked with collages since he was a child, evolving it as of late by adding fashion and animation to his art. This has been particularly suited for sharing and quickly made the Mainini Tumblr a popular go-to gallery for all pop art fans.

Narcissus Magazine Luca Mainini for Bjorn Borg 2
Velvet Curtains / Luca Mainini / Pills & Clouds

Two limited edition trunks are the result of the Björn Borg collaboration. Two motifs that combine art with fashion, surrealism with chic. Luca Mainini says: “These products are very “me”. I was free to do what I wanted and my inspiration comes from the cinema. I have always loved women’s bodies and the classic Hollywood divas. Behind the perfect façade with red lips, white flawless skin, and impeccable nails there is a real woman, a lonely woman. It has been fantastic to make that come to life on a pair of underwear, a completely new canvas for me.”

Trunk Velvet Curtains and Trunk Pills & Clouds / 34,95€ /

By Eric Lanuit