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Photographs © Greg Salvatori

What makes hundreds of bearded men of different races, religions, ages and orientations get naked for the camera? They all applied to be part of photographer Greg Salvatori’s latest photo book, Beards of New York.

With more than a 300 photo shoots done over a year, Beards of New York captures the confident sexiness and stylish diversity of the modern beard through the faces of everyday New Yorkers.

The book shows the individuality and the fashion sensibility of modern men, from Wall Street traders to East Village bartenders to Broadway actors and Upper East Side doctors. It’s a playful study of masculinity mixing courage, beauty, and confidence in a stunning collection of flirtatiously delicious men.

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Photographs © Greg Salvatori

“If you want to call yourself New York tough, you can’t be afraid of pink” says Greg. “Something as simple as a pink background is already enough to push the boundaries of masculinity for most men. Some of them loved it, some of them hated it, some walked away. Those who didn’t run from the challenge are my heroes”.

Greg Salvatori is an award winning portrait photographer based in New York. Born on the border between France and Italy, he grew up on the Riviera and was influenced by its sophisticated beauty. He studied in Tuscany and in England, and has lived in Florence, Paris and London. In 2014 he moved to New York.

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Photographs © Greg Salvatori

He has had wonderful opportunities to work with brilliant photographers and world famous designers from the beginning of his career. With passion and obsessive attention to detail, he learned as much as he could and started his own photography studio in 2007. He has worked independently since, balancing between commercial and artistic work and developing an extensive portfolio in both directions. Greg’s artistic portfolio includes many stunning conceptual series, which use portrait photography to explores questions of gender and identity, like the Burqa Series, that he created while he was living in London.

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Photographs © Greg Salvatori

His style mixes clean sophistication with playfulness. He masters light with an experienced eye, refined technique, and exquisite taste. His aesthetics evoke a sense of beauty that borrows from both classical European art and from his experience in the fashion industry.

Greg’s images and portraits have been published in international newspapers, magazines, books and publications. His work has been exhibited in contemporary art and photography events in Europe and the US.

Beards of New York / Photographs by Greg Salvatori / Paperback 85$ / Hardcover 155$ /

By Eric Lanuit